Frequently Asked Questions

Why must landlords provide one or more fixed heaters for the main living room to a maintained temperature of at least 18 degrees celsius all year round?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends a minimum indoor temperature of 18 degrees celsius.  Installing a fixed heater that is capable of reaching this temperature lets tenants heat their living space to healthy temperatures.

Why do rental properties now have to have insulation?

Insulation keeps heat from escaping the house.  In general, the better insulated a rental home is, the more likely it will retain heat.  This in turn helps keep heating costs down, and the home will be drier and have less mould.

Why is ventilation so important in rental properties?

Mould and dampness caused by poor ventilation is harmful to health.  It is also harmful to the property.  The ventilation standard targets dampness and mould in rental homes.

Why does moisture and drainage have to be included in the Healthy Homes standards?

Damp homes can lead to poor health outcomes for tenants and can be destructive to the quality of a house.  Rental properties must have efficient drainage for the removal of storm water, surface water and ground water.  For enclosed subfloors, a ground moisture barrier must be installed if reasonably practicable.

Why do rental properties need draught stopping?

Draughts increase the likelihood of lower temperatures in houses.  They may also increase heating costs for the tenant.  Stopping draughts and blocking unused chimneys is an easy way to reduce heating bills.

Are you able to help with getting the property up to compliance?

We are independent advisors and assessors, but can advise and offer quotes where applicable to help you meet your rental compliance needs.

What are the compliance timeframes for the new Healthy Homes Standards?

Private landlords must meet the standards within 90 days from the start of any new, or renewed tenancy from 1 July 2021.  All tenancies must meet the standard by  1 July 2024.  The timeline is explained in more detail on the Healthy Homes Standards MBIE website.

When can I expect to have my property audit done if I order it today?

We usually complete Health Home audits within 2 weeks of receiving your request.  We also aim to get the report to you within a few days of the onsite audit.  By using mobile devices to record audit findings, we can quickly turn it around and get your rental property report to you without delay.