Healthy Homes Standards

The Healthy Rentals NZ team will complete a Healthy Homes WOF Checklist as they carry out the audit of your property.  The checklist will include all five Healthy Homes Standards, and a full audit report will be supplied on completion.

5 Key Healthy Homes Standards

The five key Healthy Homes Standards minimum requirements are described below.  From 1 December 2020, landlords must include a statement of their current level of compliance with the healthy homes standards in most new or renewed tenancy agreements. Click on each tab to view the summary of each requirement:

Insulation requirementsSome existing insulation will need to be topped up or replaced. Depending on location, ceiling insulation needs to meet minimum R-values,* or existing ceiling insulation needs to be at least 120mm thick. Underfloor insulation needs a minimum R-value of 1.3.

*R stands for resistance – an R-value is a measure of how well insulation resists heat flow.

>> View full details of Healthy Homes Insulation Standards

  • Insulation

  • Ventilation

  • Heating

  • Draught Stopping

  • Moisture Control


In some case, a property may be exempt from complying with the HHS or parts of the standards. Healthy Rentals NZ will advise you of this at the time of your audit.

Compliance Audit Report & Certificate

  • After the audit, if your property meets the compliance requirements, you will receive a Healthy Homes Standards Audit Report and Healthy Homes Compliance Certificate.
  • If after the audit your property does not comply, you will receive a detailed Healthy Homes Standards Audit Report advising what is required to meet the Healthy Homes Standards and when that is to be completed by.